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Hi Rick Walter here,

Skin Tags over the years have been a small hindrance to me. It was not until I developed a large tag above my waist line. I hated not being able to go shirtless. At the beach or even at home in my own yard . I really felt uneasy having people see me like that.

I found even my belt from my Karate Gi was causing me soreness as well! Like you I know how unsightly and annoying they can be from my own experience. I have like so many others developed skin tags and warts over my life time.

Author of eliminate skin tags easy Rick Walters

So I decided to create a blog as a resource for those treatments that are proven to work fast and effective.

Not everyone can go to a Dermatologist !

Are you Covered?

The high cost of medical insurance plans will not cover most cost of removal, so having alternative choices can be a savings.

I hope all the information here is informative and helpful for you. I will had more information over time to update my blog.

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