Four Home Proven Treatments For Skin Tags That Work

Skin Tags are a common occurrence, age is not necessarily a factor. They typically occur under the arms, on the neck, under the breast or in the folds of the groin area. The medical profession uses several different medical procedures to get rid of them. These procedures can be expensive and in most cases are unnecessary, because almost all skin tags can be removed at home, without any pain or complications.

Most medical insurance plans will not cover skin tag treatment.

Since most medical insurance will not cover the removal of skin tags, people are using safe and natural ways to remove these annoying and embarrassing growths.  In most cases they are not a major health concern.

Another way to get rid of a skin tag is to try a safe home remedy.  These remedy’s applied two or three times a day should remove your skin tag within two or three weeks.

A few simple remedy’s you can try at home …

Dental floss is another home remedy for skin tags. If you tie the stalk or base of the skin tag dental floss removal method for skin tagswith dental floss, it should drop off in a couple of days.

Scissors can also be used to remove skin tags, but there are risks involved when skin tags are removed by cutting them off. It can be painful and infection is always a possibility, if the scissors are not sterilized and the area is not treated with an antiseptic.

Castor oil, or even finger nail polish with duct tape are proven skin tag remedies and have been used successfully.

Tea tree oil is another natural solution for skin tags. Apply three times a day to the skin tag and you should see results in two weeks.

How To Eliminate Your Skin Tags Quickly, Without Scarring Your Skin,

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